Reeve can’t seem to understand why Lowe’s eyes are always closed when he’s eating…he calls it “Eat Sleeping”

Yesterday I put Lowe down for a nap and when I went in to check on him saw that he’d snuck this arm out. Thankfully they aren’t as wild these days and don’t whack him in the face as much…however, I’m not ready for him to sleep with his arms not binder down.
His hairline makes me laugh. I’ve said it so many times, he’s not losing his hair, his head is just getting HUGE!!!  The hairs on the back top of his head are a good 2 inches long.This sweet, sweet face. Those ears. That pert little nose. The blonde brows and lashes. The way he sucks on his bottom lip. He’s pretty perfect in every single way…

except he poops a lot. I mean a LOT….so loud, too, that Daddy heard it from downstairs tonight.



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