These are some of the pictures I took when I did his One Month Photoshoot…

we may be biased, but we’re pretty certain our baby is the cutest baby on the block (he’s also the only one).

We love his serious face. He talks a lot like his brother. He coos and waves his arms everywhere. He saves his smiles for mommy and his brother. His eyes can locate me now. He follows my voice and turns his head to me.

He’s a whopping 11.2 pounds and burps like a trucker.

The hair over his ears is shaggy and his eyes blue as can be.

His cries sound like a kitten and a pig at the same time.

His legs constantly kick and he’s spit up on my shoulder a total of 4 times in his life.

His feet are long and his fingers constantly full of fuzz from his blankets.

He’s starting to spin circles in his crib and likes to have his belly rubbed.

We’re keeping him
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