I have a feeling that a lot of posts in the future may just be Photo Dumps. It’s hard to find time to sit down and give posts a proper theme.

Here we go…

a selfie with Lowe. I mean COME ON with those cheeks already!


at Daddy’s baseball game. His skin goes from Dry one second to baby acne the next. Hormones and weather….

Nursing…his hairline is getting kind of unfortunate. His head is growing so fast that it looks like he’s losing it, but he’s not.  

Reeve showing Lowe his Superheroes at Daddy’s game. It was hot as hell and this was the only patch of shade we could find.  

Reeve was so happy that this ladybug landed on his shoulder (not the drool…he’s constantly drooling)

Looking like a teenager….  
on the balcony watching the sunset. That damn pacifier just won’t stay in

Trying to take a Family of 4 Selfie. I doubt we will ever get one when everyone is looking at the camera  

I don’t stare at the monitor as much with Lowe as I did with Reeve, but when I do, I’m not gonna lie…I’m equally scared his going to jump up at me and also think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


this was the first time he’d ever napped ON my chest. I love how his whole diaper butt fits in my hand….and he may be a thumb sucker if he doesn’t figure this pacifier out soon. 

Those eyes..  Getting some loving from Brother
this pacifier stayed in for about 8 second…look at those ears. Am I the only mama who thinks Baby Ears are the cutest things?Note the different pacifier….I’ve got 18 different kinds and haven’t found one yet he loves
that’s it….you are waking up and your brother will soon follow. Sometimes I feel like Super Mom when I get you both to nap at the same time. I have done 3 loads of laundry in the time you’ve been asleep. I don’t know who is going to fold them….not me


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