After Reeve was born, I honestly didn’t know if I want to another town and not. Here I am, three weeks into having low, and I can’t imagine our lives with just these two.

When I envision what my family looks like, I picture three little boys, running around with dirty fingernails, scabs on their knees and loud chaos.

I picture a farm, sunsets, fishing with dad and learning how to drive in an old farm truck.

Honestly, the place we live now is not where I believe we are meant to be, but it’s temporary

It’s 830 at night and I’m laying here in bed with lowe rubbing his belly and watching him try to figure out how to smile for the first time. He keeps hitting himself with his hands, arms flailing and not yet having any control over them.

Number Two is so much easier than Number One. My confidence level is high and my stress level is low. Who cares if he misses a nap or doesn’t sleep every Three Hours on the dot? Not me…

Instead of stressing and sweating the small stuff, I’m over here in a Love Fest soaking up every second of this Piggy Pie Fuzzy Head that I can….he won’t be able to curl up on my chest like this for much longer. Sigh…



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