Reeve-isms. Summer

Mama. I need sugar. I’m running out of Powers and I just neeeeeeeed sugar. Or candy (7am)
Do adults wear Jammie’s?
My feelings hurt. And I’m not happy. And I had a bad day
 I want to go on a date. Well, I see an ice cream place we can go to after our date
After MOPS. You aren’t a Princess, you’re just a Mommy
After being sick all day “mommy….tomorrow can I go on a date with you?”
Mom! The sky turned pink. It was beautiful!!
After a long rough day. I’m gonna practice that no talking thing
Let’s FaceTime DL

She may not be home. She may be at…work

Girls don’t work. 
Mom. My elbow hurts. Will you rubit?

Why does it hurt?

From saving the day too much
I’m going to be happy to have a baby. But I’m going to be a little nervous
Beautiful bracelet. Yeah. It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful too mommy. 
We make a good team, dad
Dad can you save your clothes for me when I’m bigger
Don’t too mom. Only animals do that. It’s disgusting. 
Mom I feel old. 
What the fuck?
What if we moved away and lived somewhere else 

Like where?

Like California. And we’d like never see hannah again
Mom. I put a diamond on jordan

Here’s the truth…

In the shower. Im batman and I have two balls inside my penis
Dad. Don’t worry about me. I’m gonna do this on my own. I don’t need you. I’ll call you when I need you to wipe my butt. Go on now
Mommy, did you rip your penis?

Did your belly go down?

Can I see your vagina?

Look mommy! I’m reading him a story, that’s what Big Brothers do

He’s just a baby. He know wveything

Dad. I have a vagina under my penis. Wait. That’s my butthole

It sounds like Lowe is having a day 



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