Granny flew into town for a week to meet Baby Lowe, but it turns out, she really spent her time babysitting Reeve.

That’s the thing about newborns. Everyone wants to help, but newborns are the easy ones….it’s the 3-year-old who is a pain and needs constant entertainment.

Bless her heart. He sure kept her busy busy BUSY!!! Up & down the stairs. Playing Batman. Cleaning up toys. I think she loved it. I know we sure appreciated it. I got to take a walk each morning with just Lowe and spend some much need time alone with just him.

Usually when we see Granny it’s at her house in Florida and she’s buy cooking and cleaning, so it was really nice for Reeve to get to bond with Granny since we didn’t really let her cook or clean.

He was really sad that she left early this morning and that he didn’t get to say goodbye to her.

BYE GRANNY!  We love you and hope you can get Poppy back out here this summer or fall.  



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