We took Lowe to his first Music Festival yesterday. It’s called Rapidgrass and is in Idaho Springs. We took Reeve to the same one 2 years ago and there were maybe 100 people….this year it was $50/person to enter and there were well over 1,500.

We sat under a cool, large tent with a breeze that had Lowe wide-eyed the whole time.

He started out the day in his first pair of shoes….he kicked them off after about 20 seconds. 

Captain Underpants here is difficult to contain. His energy level is so much more than mine these days following sleepless nights I haven’t attempted to dress him myself at all and am not sure when the last time he brushed his teeth was.  

Reeve drank a Smoothie before we  left and was so, so, SO excited when I told him he looked like the Joker. 

This baby is SO serious. He hasn’t smiled yet, but it’s okay. I love how expressive his face is  

Snuggles with Daddy. Reeve scraped his chin “diving” in the baby pool. He thinks it makes him look tough    

His hair is getting lighter, but his head is also growing larger so it’s starting to look like he’s losing his hair, but he’s not.  

At one point I said to Kirk, “festivals should have daycare.”

He looked at me and said, “they do…and you are it”

Seems about right for a festival. Most of the parents were drinking or smoking and somehow all the kids ended up on my blanket with Reeve. One kid tried to steal some of Reeve’s Batmans and Granny put the smack down on them. 🙂 


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