My days consist of:

about 10 wet diapers and 5 seedy, poopy diapers

a 3-year-old who talks back and yells at me all day

half-assed dinners that are usually chicken and always have a salad out of a bag

at least 2 loads of laundry

a shower every 3rd day (if I’m lucky)

breastfeeding 500 times

trying for an hour to get Lowe to nap for 2 hours only to get about half an hour

night sweats so bad the bed is soaking wet and I can’t get comfortable in it despite putting 2 bath towels next to the bed so I can lie on those after I wake up each time

waking up at least once in the night to let Reeve pee

constant struggles with the damn swaddles that don’t hold his arms in

pacifier fights….Lowe won’t take one except this one random Batman one

rushing to school, then pick-up, then swim lessons then naps then trying to keep Reeve entertained all afternoon then watching the clock to see when Kirk will be home then fighting over baths, stories and the fact that there is nothing to be scared of in Reeve’s room

I’m not complaining, not at all…I wouldn’t trade this life or the opportunity to stay home with my boys for ANYTHING….I just also don’t want to ever forget this crazy, hectic time in my life where I see dishes not put away or dog hair on the floor or toilets that need scrubbed.

I simply don’t even care anymore…and that is totally NOT me. I just don’t care.

I’m too busy soaking up Summer Love and Lowe and Reeve and who gives a crap if I wash my hair every 5th day?

I don’t.

Kirk doesn’t.

The babies sure don’t.

Thank goodness I have these pictures where it at least looks like I have my shit together at least. 🙂
kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_046 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_047 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_049 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_051 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_053 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_056 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_058 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_060 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_062 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_065 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_069 kmulhern_photography_the_mooneyham_family_JUNE_2015_070


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