Reeve has had swim lessons everyday so Lowe is getting quite a bit of fresh air these days.

I probably need to put away his newborn clothes already b/c he’s in some 0-3 month and some 3-6 month stuff of his brother’s.

I love this picture I took of him in his carseat in the shade at the pool. He’s such a serious baby with a heavily furrowed brow. His nose is different than Reeve’s and I bet I kiss the tip of it 1oo times a day.and can we just take a minute to appreciate these arms? those lips? That hairline and the soft fur that covers his shoulders and forehead right now? I love how the hair over his ears is all swirly in this picture b/c it got sweaty from nursing..

And those lips, heavily calloused form breastfeeding ALL DAY LONG….puckered up for a kiss from Mommy. What is better than a sleeveless romper on a newborn?  

Big Brother….he’s a bit of an Over Helper. He “checks on you” all day long and is, overall, pretty gentle with you, but sure does love to get up in your space.  


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