These pictures were taken the day Reeve met Lowe for the first time in Room 312 at Littleton Adventist Hospital on June 6, 2015. It was about 11am….

Reeve came running into the room, excited to see his new brother for the first time…Lowe Newborn 1 Pure JOY on his face. He couldn’t have been any cuter or sweeter.Lowe Newborn 2 Lowe Newborn 3 Lowe Newborn 4

He is so proud to be a big brother….

Lowe Newborn 5 First Kiss…

Lowe Newborn 6

Lowe hadn’t even had a bath yet. His hair looked identical to Reeve’s when he was born. I remember that being one of my very first thoughts after I pushed him out.Lowe Newborn 7 This next picture is the screensaver on my phone.

Lowe Newborn 8 Lowe Newborn 9

Checking out his tiny toes….

I love how Reeve always says (in a very high-pitched voice)….”awwwww….he’s soooo cute!!!!”Lowe Newborn 10 Lowe Newborn 11

That was the best day of his life so far…there aren’t enough words for how sweet (but LOUD) Reeve is with Lowe. We are beyond Blessed to have two little ones who are healthy….


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