There is nothing scarier than hearing “newborn” and “NICU” in the same sentence. I now have a new respect for any mother whose baby has been in the NICU after THE BRIEFEST and least possible threatening NICU situation ever.

I didn’t post as many pictures of Lowe in his first 48 hours as I normally would’ve because I wasn’t ready to explain to the world his “cone,” as we came to call it.

Mostly, my reasons stemmed from the trauma that took place after his 20th week Ultrasound and the fear I lived in for 10 days after we were told he appeared to have Cystic Fibrosis. You just don’t make jokes or light of sick babies and I was worried people would see pictures and try to lighten the situation or make me feel better.


When Lowe was born and didn’t immediately respond (he did not breathe for several minutes and scored a 3/10 on his APGAR) it was feared that I had passed to him during birth the 100+ fever I had. A combination of not breathing, low blood sugar, low body temperature, accelerated heart rate and jaundice gave the medical staff cause to treat him with antibiotics and take him to the NICU nursery versus the regular nursery.

Not ONCE during our 2 day hospital stay did I fear for his life or was I even that concerned about his overall health. He was big and eating well (first from me, then what I pumped and then 20 ML of Donor Milk every 3 hours). He appeared to be thriving and growing only lost 5 ounces when we had left the hospital.

Still. It was scary and my heart broke when they wheeled him back into my room with the IV in his HEAD! They hadn’t told me that’s where it would go and I gasped in shock. It truly looked so much worse than it was.

One morning they delivered him to us with this Newborn hat (which barely fit his big head anyway) with this hole cut in it to keep his head warm. I was saddened, but also entertained by this look.

Poor guy!

Reeve didn’t like that IV in his head either and kept asking what it was.

We had packed this bigger hat with us (thanks Sara) and started using it to cover up his Cone.    

This picture cracks me up. His huge pants pulled up so high. Reeve says he looks like Papa Jim.    

We were so lucky that Lowe wasn’t ill, that he didn’t have Jaundice (just dark completion I guess) and that he was able to come home with us so soon.

A lot of babies don’t.

And how terribly sad that makes me, I can’t even begin to tell you. It’s not fair for babies to be sick. 

To any mom whose child is or was in the NICU or who has ever been ill, BLESS YOU! We have been so fortunate with our health and other blessings and I won’t ever take that for granted!

And so while Lowe was technically in the NICU, we really only have these pictures to remind us, no lifelong health issues or long term issue. THANK GOD….



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