Reeve thinks being a Big Brother is better than being a Superhero.

I don’t know what we did to prepare Reeve for his new role as a Big Brother, but boy, did we do it right!

I had several people tell to expect Behavioral Regression, Jealousy or other problems. We were prepared for that. We talked to Reeve a lot about how babies cry and how Mommy will spend a lot of time holding Lowe and even how he felt (he would answer “excited, but a little nervous”)….

From the MOMENT…and I do mean the MOMENT….he laid eyes on Lowe in the hospital, he took his new role as a Big Brother so very seriously.

We have not seen ONE instance of jealousy. Not once has he acted out or aggressive towards Lowe.

He’s gentle and curious. He’s constantly telling us “touch his hair, mommy, it’s SOOooooo soft” or “isn’t he cute?”  He wants to see him first thing each morning and cannot wait to kiss him. He likes to call him Bubba and look at his poopy diapers (gross). He loves running to grab me diapers or wipes and can’t wait to try to stick the pacifier in his mouth. He just longs for the day Lowe is big enough to play with him and it seems each morning he asks, “is Lowe big enough to play today?”

To say I’m proud of Reeve is an understatement.

This big dude has blown my mind with how he has handled this HUGE change to our family.

And Lowe, well Little Piglet, you already know who this LOUD and crazy guy is. Your head turns to find him when he walks in the room. You smile at him and he just thinks your toots and sounds are so funny!

When i found out we were having another boy, I was slightly disappointed, I won’t lie…and now, I can’t imagine how home any other way.

These two are my whole world. There is nothing more important to me than what is in the pictures below. Reeve with that white, blone Skater hair and Lowe with fuzzy, shaggy brown hair….

I love you both more than you can imagine!

Kirk, if you are reading this, we make GORGEOUS babies!

Best Friends Forever….

Lowe Newborn 67 Lowe Newborn 68 Lowe Newborn 70 Lowe Newborn 65


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