I’m kind of freaking out about how many fewer posts there are in the week Lowe has been him ethan there were in the first week of Reeve’s life…so it is with a second child.

With that being said, there are probably twice as many pictures….I hate the thought of you ever having Second Child Syndrome.

This is my current favorite picture of you, taken at just 5 days old. I’m not going to lie, you may be the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.and then, there’s Reeve.

Lowe, you should know that he just adores you. There has not been ONE moment in your 8 days on this Earth that he has been jealous, upset or acted out because you are here.

In fact, he asks almost daily if we can “keep you forever.”That’s the plan….we are just so happy you are here.

Reeve even asks why you chose us. I tell him it’s because God wanted you to have each other.



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