It’s going so fast.

I’m trying to memorize you the way I was able to with Reeve (even though now I realize how much I’ve forgotten), but it’s so hard with a 3-year-old constantly wanting my attention and stomping around and jumping off of everything all day long.

I know that you are still so little that your legs curl and fold each time I lay you down and when I unsaddle you, your arms stretch and your face twists into the cutest little looks.

You smile when I tickle cheek and furrow your brow like a grumpy old man. Your eyebrows are light, blond and I can already tell they are going to take shape like Reeve’s and daddy’s. You have about 6 eyelashes and a soft, white blonde fuzz covers your forehead, back, shoulders and arms.

Your hands flail constantly and you wake yourself up with a smack anytime you aren’t swaddled tightly.

There is just a little bit of meat on your thighs. Must be that half of a pound you had over your brother because he NEVER had any chunk to him.

Your cheeks are sweet and chunky and just like they looked in your Ultrasound. I kiss them a lot.

You are a slow and lazy eater. I’ve taken to calling you Piglet b/c you honestly could just be on my boob all day long. You gulp and chug and we can really tell you are chowing down.


You have long and skinny feet and teeny, tiny toes that Reeve and I love to look at.

Sleep is still pretty hit or miss and we have absolutely no routine, it’s just not possible with Reeve’s schedule and you are too young. I take sleep when I can get it and Daddy has been MORE than awesome with letting me sleep in a little each morning or on the weekend.

Like your brother had before his turned green, you have Dark blue eyes.

The shaggy, dark hair you were born with has already started to lighten. Maybe from the sun (shade) we are out in as much as possible? Your hairline is exactly like Daddy’s.

You don’t have Daddy and Reeve’s big ears, but they still hang pretty low on your head.

At 8 days, your umbilical cord is still hanging on pretty tight and Reeve is so grossed out and fascinated by it.

Mommy pumps 2 bottle a day for you and, at night, you chug them like someone is going to take them away from you. Your burps are pretty damn cute.

Your first bath was today. We made it as quick as possible and you didn’t seem to mind too much.

You’ve been to one baseball game of Daddy’s and the pool once where you sat in the shade and slept the whole time.

We are on the go as much as possible and you don’t seem to mind noise. We are making sure that we don’t tip toe around you like we did with your brother so that you aren’t a light sleeper too.

We only have 3 pair of newborn pants so your wardrobe has been quite limited. I haven’t been putting hats on you b/c I don’t want your hair to fall out.

You’ve survived three photoshoots (hospital, professional and one from mommy) and are just adorable and perfect in each picture.

Lowe, tis no secret….we are over the moon in love with you and you have 3 people under this roof wrapped around your teeny fingers.



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