my posts seem to be really random with no common theme. And that’s okay.

I just have so many ridiculously cute pictures of you and I want you to post and share with the world.

This picture is the ONLY moment in your 9 days on Earth that Reeve has shown even the slightest bit of frustration. I was changing your diaper or feeding your or something and he REALLY wanted my attention. He threw his body down and sighed loudly and both of you were OVER IT.but then he was right back to checking on you and making sure you were still here and still his.

You just cannot figure this damn pacifier thing out. It’s so frustrating b/c when you do take it, you ease into sleep. but when you can’t….you howl and turn your head side-to-side looking for the nipple.

I’m ready for you to figure it outOh look, here is another picture of your brother all up in your business trying to get you to play with him or enjoy what he’s doing. He doesn’t really understand that you can’t play just yet.

and my 3 boys. my whole world. I’m the luckiest mama in the world



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