Your brother sure was excited to meet you. He just can’t get enough of you. He wants to “help” with everything and will stop in the middle of eating to “go check on Lowe” and then report each sound you’ve made back to us. He kisses your head 100 times a day (often leaving crumbs) and can’t stop touching you.

Here you both are at the hospital on the day he first met you. Love at first sight.    Here he is kissing you for the 39th time in the first hour you’ve met. Under any other circumstances, this would be quite rude. His favorite thing is to kiss your forehead…he just loves you. Coincidentally, this may be my favorite picture of ALL time.
These sunglasses and hat were part of the Batman present Lowe “brought” Reeve from inside my belly. He also brought you Batman books, flip flops, swim shirt and some other small things. We think Reeve looks like Dale Earnhardt Jr. but he’s quite proud of all of it.

When we brought you home we texted my mom to tell her we were close and she said Reeve was bouncing off the walls with excitement….The first thing he did when we sat your (heavy as hell) carseat down was grab a Batman book and say, “Look, Mommy!  I’m reading him a story, that’s what Big Brothers do.”  You can just tell by the look on Reeve’s face how proud he is of Lowe. He told us he wanted to take him outside to show to all of his friends!!!

and then this morning after our First Night home (day 4) I was able to get this picture. Our First Night wasn’t horrible…I had to wake Lowe three times and he woke up bright-eyed at about 5 pm. Lowe, Daddy and I laid in bed and slept until 7 then Reeve woke up and came in with us.

As expected, he just wanted to kiss you.

Brothers….I cannot put into words how excited I am for the both of you to have each other. You will never have a better friend in your lives.

The both of you are my biggest joys in life….I can’t wait to see how this all turns out.


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