40.Weeks DUE

I think the hardest part about today being my due date and not having you yet is that I thought you would be here by now!!!! 

I won’t lie, I still feel great. Sure, I have back pains, pee 100 times a night and my skin on my stomach is as tight as a drum, but I’m good. I go to the gym 3-5 times a week. I sleep pretty well. I nap every day….I’m just mentally done. What’s hard is that EVERYONE tells you “your second one will come sooner” and so you get that in your mind. I expected to have you at about 38.5 weeks and now I feel like I’ve been punked. STILL PREGNANT????  Yep…..I want to get on with my life, our summer, making plans. I want to be able to tell family when they should come out. I want to wear regular clothes!!!!  I want to hold you!

How far along: 40 FREAKING WEEKS

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): a GINORMOUS watermelon? No, seriously, I can’t even bring myself to Google it b/c there is no fruit or vegetable that is this big unless it’s one of those ones you see in a New Sidebar as a joke. I’m huge! You are huge!

Total weight gain: I don’t let her tell me, but I would guess 40 pounds if I had to.

Sleep: Two bad nights for every good night. I am up 3-4 times a night to pee and have recently started having a back pain that Kirk said I had a lot with Reeve. Still napping with Reeve nearly every day and getting sadder and sadder that these naps will come to an end soon. I am going to miss his hot breathe on me and….I can’t even talk about it.

Movement: Strong BH contractions and you have bony, sharp elbows and knees. You must be pretty content in there, your brother was too, maybe I have a B&B for a Uterus.

Unglamorous body changes: I can’t put my socks on. I can’t see my Down There to groom it and it ain’t pretty. Shaving my legs takes 20 minutes. My back is killing me. My skin on my stomach is nearly see through and the veins are amazingly visible. My hair is starting break. The SECOND I lay in bed at night I get reflux so bad. But….I’m healthy….well, my glucose level in my urine sample at the doctor this morning was high, but I did have a donut and a Sprite for breakfast. 🙂

Maternity Clothes? No, they are all packed up and ready to sell. I hope I never see some of that stuff ever again and can’t wait to start wearing regular clothes. Or, let’s face it, new yoga pants.

Food cravings: Ice. Ice Cream. Drinks. Water

What I miss: walking without waddling. sleeping without going numb somewhere.

Anything making you queasy: Nope

Milestones: Is anything a milestone now that you are PAST DUE….maybe you are going to be as stubborn as your brother. STINKER

Best moments this week:

1. Having my membrane stripped at my appointment this morning followed by a severe emotional breakdown in front of the doctor. OUCH

2. Pool time, park and hiking with your brother and daddy.

3. Spending lots of money on stuff I don’t need bc I’m restless and ready for you to get here on

Looking Forward To: NOT BEING PREGNANT….wearing regular clothes, walking, pool without this huge belly, breastfeeding, sleeping, your brother meeting you, your face 



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