How far along: 38.5 weeks and FEELING IT.

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): A Leek? My ass….you are the size of a BIG ass baby!  At least 7.5 pounds and well over 19 inches long.

Total weight gain: I don’t even look anymore. I figure the only number that matters in the end is the 150 I want to get back to. I don’t need to know until abut 6 weeks after Baby L is out of me where I’m starting from.  Some days I swear I feel like I’m eating a ton and others I’m lucky if I can manage soup and a smoothie so it’s not like it’s food or fat….it’s all baby.

Sleep: Oh Gosh….this past week I’ve been up anywhere from 4-6 times in the night. I’m like a turtle on my back trying to get out of this bed. It’s so hard and each time my feet are numb, even if I was up only 30 minutes before. I am starting to freak out about not getting to nap with Reeve each day. Mostly b/c I am so damned tired, but also because I’m going to miss snuggling with him.

Movement: YES!  I still have a lot of BH contractions and am terrified I won’t know the real ones when they happen. You wiggle and squirm all day, not just at night any longer. You are still head down.

Unglamorous body changes: Where to begin. Body hair….I can’t reach my toenails to cut them and don’t ever seem to have time to get a pedicure. I shave when I can and wash my hair only b/c I figure I might go into labor soon and would like to have somewhat clean hair. My belly button hurts. Yes, it hurts. It’s flat and soft. My hands and feet are swollen and I wish I’d remembered to take my wedding band off when I could.

Maternity Clothes? I wore a maternity shirt this week mostly b/c everything else was dirty and I didn’t have the energy to carry the laundry basket to the laundry room.  I didn’t particularly like the shirt, but everyone told me it was cute. I’ll never wear another maternity shirt again.

Food cravings: Ice….soup and smoothies b/c I don’t have any room in my stomach for anything else. Ballpark nachos and soft serve ice cream.

What I miss: Being able to ride comfortably in a car. It seems this is your least favorite position also and you tend to really grind your head into my “down there” when I do. Also, twisting around to Reverse my car or pop my back.

Anything making you queasy: Nope

Milestones: You are fully grown and could come at any moment….do that, why don’t you?

Best moments this week:

1. Another checkup with my doctor. Still only dilated to a 1 and she said she thought you’d come on or after my due date?

2. Your monitor is installed (and being used in Reeve’s room to watch his puking) and I’ve gotten all the outfits/items for newborn pictures.

3. Spending as much 1-on-1 Special Time with Reeve as we possibly can. Rockies games, ice cream, hikes….

Looking Forward To: YOU!  Seeing you, holding you, kissing you and that moment you and Reeve meet for the first time



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