37.5 Weeks

I’m not sure why I’m at half-weeks now, but roll with it. At this point, I’m scrambling to get done the insane To Do List I’ve created for myself. Today I spent 2 hours at the grocery store building my online list and prepping for Freezer Meals. HELL!

How far along: 37.5 weeks and FEELING IT.

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): a bunch of Swiss Chard. Seriously…these comparisons are so inaccurate it’s offensive. According to the Sonogram Tech, you weight about 7 pounds 8 ounces!!!!!  Yes, you read that right. You are weighing a full pound and a fourth bigger than you should to be average. You are already big!!!!  She said you were about 19″ and had a big head (not what you want to hear when you are planning and nervous for a Vaginal Birth).

Total weight gain: Honestly, I couldn’t even bear to look and asked the nurse not to tell me. I’m betting I am at 38-40 pounds b/c you are so dang huge in there. I look and feel like I’ve gained and grown so much in the past 2 weeks. I look at my Maternity Pictures taken last week and can’t believe I’m that big (although I’m told nearly daily that I am “all baby” and I do agree it just looks like a big basketball on the front of me)

Sleep: I’m up 2-4 times a night to go potty. It’s hard to turn over and I try to flip sides as much as possible each time I get up to go to the bathroom. I’m not expecting to have a full night without getting up, so I’m never surprised when I wake up ready for a nap. I wore my FitBit the other night to bed and it said I was awake 5 times and restless 38…..

Movement: YES!  I still have a lot of BH contractions (often on the Elliptical Machine) and can feel your bony elbows or knees on my ribs all day. You are head down and were face-up at my appointment, but she said you are rolling from front to back a lot also. I can feel those big rolls.

Unglamorous body changes: There isn’t a lot these days that IS glamourous. I haven’t washed my hair in 5 days and have no plans to. My feet are so big I don’t have but 2 pair of shoes I can wear. I I found a chin hair the other day….my bikini line could use some grooming….my legs are ashy and dry and need a shave. My skin hurts, not itches…it HURTS! My joints are swollen and sore.

Maternity Clothes? Just the same 2 or 3 tank tops, yoga pants, pajamas by 4 in the afternoon. I have already packed up my maternity clothing and am ready to NEVER see it again.

Food cravings: Ice….Forcacia bread. Chocolate chip cookies. Soda (anything fizzy to make me burp). Spicy Chic Fil A Sandwich (damn near killed me when I ate it, heartburn). I just don’t have a lot of room in my stomach for food and am not craving very much right now. I’m thirsty more than anything.

What I miss: Just being comfortable when I sit. And, since I sit more than I stand throughout the day, I’m just not very comfortable at all.

Anything making you queasy: Not this week, but again, I’m just not hungry in general

Milestones: You are officially FULL TERM! You may have a full head of hair by now.

Best moments this week:

1. I got to see your sweet, sweet face at my Ultransound appointment. You have big cheeks and pouty lips and Reeve said, “I think he looks nice” when I showed him the picture.

2. My hospital bag is packed!!!!

3. We are MORE THAN READY for you to arrive. Every baby item is cleaned and in it’s proper place. I have even started to prepare freezer meals for those first weeks you are here.

Looking Forward To: a relaxing weekend. I don’t even have many To Do items to do. I may get a pedicure this weekend or another Chinese Massage. More than anything, I’m looking forward to holding my sweet boy and that moment when Reeve sees him for the first time.



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