Yesterday was one of those days….I had walked into Reeve’s room at about 10pm to check on him one last time and immediately smelled puke. I looked around, instantly blaming “Damn Dog” and, upon not seeing anything, it hit me that my baby was sick. I opened the door and saw sweet Reeve lying in mac & cheese, carrots and whimpering for me. My heart broke into a million pieces and I swooped my boy up, bathed him and daddy started rinsing off the chunks. Laundry Load 1 of 11 began.

We took Reeve into our bed where he burrowed into my neck and stayed there until about an hour later he puked again. . . ALL OVER ME!

We continued moving back and forth between beds as he threw up all night long, resting on towels we placed down and old sheets. He was puny and sad and DID NOT COMPLAIN ONCE!

Daddy stayed home from work being that Reeve was so ill and I’m 37 weeks pregnant and he could just see how exhausted I was from doing 11 loads of laundry (pillows, towels, clothes, 4 sets of bedding, more towels, blankies, more clothes, pillows again).

But not ONCE…not once….even after puking 7 times (once in the car on the way to the store to buy popsicles) did Reeve complain. Instead, he looked at me at one point and said, “it sure was nice of daddy to stay home today” and I realized that I just couldn’t complain either.

I was finally able to bathe myself around 11am and only because I had an OB/GYN appointment an hour later. My hair stunk all day and the house was a stinky, smelly mess….but we did not complain.

Reeve laid in bed ALL day and got to watch Star Wars with Daddy for the first time and drink a teaspoon of Gatorade (or AterGade as he calls it) every half hour until he could keep it down. He had a tortilla and Star Wars Honey Grahams for dinner. He took a 3 hour nap and kept asking mommy to “nuggle me.”

Yesterday wasn’t the best. i won’t lie. But…it wasn’t the worse either. Sure, it was unplanned and nothing got done and my baby wasn’t well, but we found Joy in the day. It’s not everyday I let him lie in bed all day and watch TV and it won’t be much longer that I get much time alone with Reeve at all.

That’s creeping up on me. Three weeks (or less) and we will have this tiny, poopy person in our house who won’t understand when his older brother needs me more than he does.

I can’t think much about that. I certainly can’t write about it, I know a lot of bogglers devote posts to the fear of how their first child will feel neglected when their new child arrives….but I just can’t go there. I’ve tried really hard this whole pregnancy to focus instead on how LUCKY Reeve is….how we are giving him the best gift he’ll ever get in his whole life….A BROTHER! But I wasn’t blind to the fact that yesterday was special in more ways than it was awful.

I held Reeve with puke in my hair, still in my pajamas and him still in his well past an acceptable time and just was so thankful for him. Loving Reeve in the midst of puke and poop and chunks of mac & cheese smashed into the carpet was so much more important than anything else I could’ve had planned for yesterday.

He’s back to his old self today. Rude and demanding, up at 5:30 am excited about the new/old Batman nightlight in his room that would help him find the door if he got sick again and needed to get to me. He’s been begging to watch Star Wars and Old Fashioned Batman all morning. He ate waffles and jello for breakfast and told me I was pretty twice after being naughty. 

And the first thing he said to me this morning was “Mommy, I love you….(and then I always make him say why)….because you took care of me yesterday.”

He swung his long, blonde hair our of his eyes and flopped his body down on mine and “nuggled” in and our lives are back to normal. 

Pure Energy & Action…



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