36.5 Weeks

How is it possible that I can actually say “I only have 3 weeks left?” Part of me KNOWS that I won’t deliver before my June 3rd Due Date all the while hoping I do. I just don’t think I will.

How far along: 36.5 weeks and FEELING IT.

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): a head of lettuce?!?!?  My ass…I’ve never seen head of lettuce that weighs 6+ pounds and is over 18 inches long. I’m going to write the Baby Center website and tell them they are full of shit.

Total weight gain: 37? I will find out on Monday, but I know he’s growing BIG and I can’t really eat much, so it’s ALL baby at this point. We went to Olive Garden the other day and I was only able to eat one breadstick and about 4-forkfulls of food.

Sleep: Let’s just say Kirk, Reeve and Hannah ALL snore!  I know this because I’m awake to hear it. Last night I was up to pee only once, but I rolled from side-to-side over 20 times. My hips start to ache and rolling over is freaking ridiculous. It take all of my energy and literally leaves me out of breath.

Movement: YES!  Braxton Hicks all day long, not just at night anymore. Lot of BIG kicks in there. I hope you are still head down. Your head has to be down b/c I get these razor sharp pains in my Vagina and I’m told that’s your head. OUCH!!!!

Unglamorous body changes: God….my belly button is flat. I leak. The veins in my stomach are like something from a Halloween costume. My ankles and feet are swollen and sore as can be. I should probably shave my legs, but I can’t bend to do so.

Maternity Clothes? I wore a pair of maternity pants to Kirk’s baseball game this weekend b/c I thought, “why not” and they were so uncomfortable. I packed up all my maternity clothes and have them on the floor in my closet ready to sell this Fall (most of them are Winter clothes from Reeve’s pregnancy). Still in yoga pants and tank tops 99% of the time.

Food cravings: Ice….I could seriously chew ice all day. Brie cheese. Bacon. Chocolate. Nothing crazy, just hungry and then can’t eat what I want b/c there is no room left.

What I miss: Walking or workout out without having to stop to pee. Shaving. Sleeping Well.

Anything making you queasy: Apparently juice on an empty stomach as I threw up 3 times Wednesday morning. I NEVER throw up and I actually thought I was in labor. For the most part, it was b/c Kirk was in D.C. and I haven’t packed my bag and I was doing to do Maternity Pictures the next day…turns out, the acid did me wrong.

Milestones: He’s shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered his body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected his skin during his nine-month amniotic bath. He swallows both of these substances, along with other secretions, resulting in a blackish mixture, called meconium, will form the contents of her first bowel movement.

Best moments this week:

1. Ha ha…at my MOPS group, I was crowned Mrs. Mops ( a HUGE joke to honor our member who is the real Mrs. Colorado). I sported a sports bra for my “Casual Wear” and an angel/choir costume from the church closet for my evening wear. It was all hilarious and so much fun.

2. Laura flew into town to take Maternity Pictures and, so far, what I’ve seen in her camera is BEYOND gorgeous. Reeve was a little shit, but he makes any picture he’s in GORGEOUS….

3. It’s FRIDAY!!!!!  And I got a massage today and Mother’s Day is this weekend!

Looking Forward To: my Ultrasound on Monday so I can see your face and get an idea of how big you are and if all the vagina pain/Braxton Hicks means something is going on down there. 



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