Catching up on some posts today. Santa Barbara was just over a week ago and with the random April snow falling today, I couldn’t miss the sun and sand more.

Here are Reeve & I at the airport waiting on our plane to let us board.  

Here are the 2 of 4 people in our family who slept on the plane.  

Our hotel was gorgeous and had this wall of flowers right outside our room. Reeve loved this jacket that he hadn’t worn before and loved putting his hands in his pockets “like daddy”

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of me with “my boys”

Reeve likes to dig holes, have us bury him and then “BUST OUT!”  

Flying his cool Iron Man kite that Lucas gave him and we took with us

Squinty Sun Face

Rocking my belly Poolside. For some reason, I was a lot more self-conscious about the belly this time than I was when we were in Miami and I was pregnant with Reeve. I’m pretty sure it was all the skinny, blonde moms poolside in white skinny jeans sipping Chardonnay…but who the hell cares? Not me….I look GOOD!I love my Hibiscus Earrings from Stella & DotI made Kirk rent this “Suri Bike” even though he wasn’t the least bit excited about it and we had so much fun with it. We blasted Grateful Dead on my iPhone and I pedaled in my skirt at 8 months pregnant as Reeve yelled HAPPY EASTER to everyone we passed.I was craving the salty, sunny airMy little model….as we walked under the bridge, we saw our first ever NAKED bum. I was equally disgusted and intrigued. Mostly b/c he was just sitting in his sleeping bag naked and dirty and grimy, but also b/c he was pretty attractive. Sure, his dreadlocks were dirtier than most and he was stinky and physically dirty…but he would’ve been gorgeous had he been clean.Loving on Mama                


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