How far along: 30 Weeks. Boy, these Weekly Update posts are just flying by. It seems as though I am writing one every time I sit down. I’m definitely FEELING pregnant lately. Anxiety has creeped in as it seems I’m constantly thinking about a safe VBAC delivery despite being told how “easy the 2nd C Section is.” I’m also feeling a bit hormonal and emotional lately. I’m wishing I had some really great girlfriends here who would offer to do fun girly things with me. It seems everyone is always to busy with Nap Times to do anything fun. And weekends are Family Time so no one ever wants to do anything. It kind of sucks b/c that’s pretty much what I need right now to pick me up. I get it though….all my Mom Friends have Littles too and their husbands’ schedules may not be as flexible as mine so it’s harder for them….or so I tell myself. Either way, i could really use some pampering and shopping.

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): a large cabbage and about 15.5 inches and 3 pounds. You feel bigger than that though. One kick from you can take me to my knees. You literally move my ribs.

Total weight gain: Hanging in at 25 pounds per my visit last week (23 depending on whose scale you are going off of).

Sleep: Still getting up once a night to pee once I’m able to actually fall asleep. It’s hard to find that “just right” position or get the pillow crammed under me just so.

Movement: LOTS of movement. You can see you move and my belly jump. I don’t think I will ever get used to it.

Unglamorous body changes: Fuzzy hair sticking up all over my belly. My hairstylist says I have TONS of new hair growth. My belly button is flat and sticking out at the same time. My feet HURT…like, they ache. Someone needs to rub them NOW

Maternity Clothes? I bought a maternity shirt last week to wear to the Garth Brooks concert and then when I got home and put it on thought it made me look HUGE and ridiculous. I made the mistake of washing the two pair of jeans I wear and now they are a little SNUG!

Food cravings: Lemonade (which gives me heart burn). Oreos. Chinese Food. Still eating more Chic Fil A than any one person should. I literally ate so much sugar from the cake left over from Reeve’s birthday party and other treats that sugar made me sick. I could still eat it if I had to, but thinking about sugar makes me nauseated.

What I miss: laying on my stomach. Sneezing without peeing. Laying on my back.

Anything making you queasy: Sugar

Milestones: Your eyes are still developing and your brain is starting to get grooves and indentations, making way for all the growing brian tissue.

Best moments this week:

1. Getting to dance with you at the Garth Brooks concert.

2. Jumping on the trampoline with you at Reeve’s 3rd Birthday party

3. Getting some sun on my super white legs at Daddy’s baseball game.

Looking forward to: the weekend, as usual. Would love a sunny Saturday hike or perhaps a pedicure complete with a leg/foot rub. crunches at 30 weeks…I lay on the big bouncy ball and SAFELY crunch away. I swear I haven’t had even half the back problems with this pregnancy I had with Reeve b/c of having such a strong core  


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