How far along: 29 weeks. I literally had to go back to my last post to see how far along I am. I swear, sometimes it feels like it’s flying by and I forget I am even pregnant and others I feel like I’ve got at least another 9 months to prepare for this. My friend who is due around the same time I am said today that she had 84 days!!!! I think that means I have 81 and that’s a SCARY want to think about it, for SURE!

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): a butternut squash. That’s cray to think about! You weigh about 2.5 pounds and are just over 15″ from head to toe.

Total weight gain: Let’s go ahead and guess 28 although i will find out for sure at my doctor appt on Friday. I’m chalking these CRAZY, insane cravings and sugary desires to this kid being as sweet as can be. I have NEVER in my life wanted sweets so bad. I don’t purposely keep anything in the house, and then usually just end up driving somewhere for an afternoon snack!

Sleep: Still really great. My dreams are still pretty vivid, but I am not going to complain at this point about having to get up once a night to pee. No sir….

Movement: LOTS of movement. When I lay down on my side, I can Honest-to-God feel my ribs move. You are VERY active in there and had your first bout of hiccups this week in the morning.

Unglamorous body changes: It’s getting a little harder to put on shoes or clip my toenails. I asked Daddy to do it for me and he wouldn’t 😦  I pee about every 20 minutes and am usually quite disappointed when I race to make it and it’s nothing more than a tinkle. I seem to have the Acid Reflux under control with the Zantac.

Maternity Clothes? No. Still in the same 2 pair of jeans with the top two buttons undone and the same 2 pair of leggings or 2 pair of Old Navy workout pants every day. I’m stylish, let me tell you. Ha ha…not!

Food cravings: Milkshakes, chinese food, Chicken & Wild Rice soup from Panera, Eileen’s Cookies, ribs on the grill…I’m all over the place

What I miss: regularity in the bathroom (if you know what I mean) and being able to breathe well. My NUMBER ONE thing I miss, however, is being able to look forward to all the cute Spring clothes shopping…Target and GAP and Old Navy are filled with pinks and aquas and shorts and I just can’t do it. None of it will fit and I’m not buying a single maternity shirt!

Anything making you queasy: Nope

Milestones: Your muscles and lungs are growing as is your head to make way for that big brain of yours. Your bones are starting to harden too and you will nearly DOUBLE your birthweight from here on out. YIKES!

Best moments this week:

1. Staining some shelves for your nursery

2. Watching the Baby Sprinkle RSVPs come in

3. Finding some cute little swaddling blankets for you at a great price!

Looking forward to: Santa Barbara for a tiny BabyMoon in a few weeks. I couldn’t bare to not take Reeve so it’s our last vacay as a Family of Three


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