Someone asked me today “how far along are you?” and I looked at him, cocked my head to the side, sighed and breathed, “ONE!” I FEEL pregnant…I FEEL IT. I’m focusing so hard on not complaining to a single person other than Kirk about it b/c I know how lucky we are, I know how many women CAN’T get pregnant…so I keep my complaints to my man. And, by 8pm each night when I plop down on the bed, those complaints are just as big as my belly.

How far along: 28 weeks. It makes it easier to think about how much time is left at this 28th weeks b/c I can say “just 3 months.” But, Dear God….THREE…MORE….MONTHS?

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): a large eggplant. And that’s exactly how I like to think of you in there. Big and bulbous and awkward. You are about 15″ long at this point????

Total weight gain: I’m going to guess 25. I’m having HORRIBLE acid reflux at this point, just like I did with Reeve, and the only thing helping is ice cream. The cold…awwww! I’ve even skipped lunch a few days to have a milkshake or Lemonade Frosty from Chic Fil A. I don’t even care about the weight at this point.

Sleep: Still really great. Last night was the first night I’ve had trouble sleeping, but it was more anxiety than discomfort. I was having a mini Panic Attack in my sleep and couldn’t breathe or relax. My dreams are so vivid and always nearly the same and I had woken up from one after trying so desperately as I fell asleep to will my brain to dream about something, anything other than this one dream. I tossed from side-to-side and cried and Kirk rubbed my back until I fell back asleep nearly an hour later. Other than that though, I’m pretty comfortable sleeping and mostly still on my stomach, getting up only once each night to use the restroom.

Movement: Oh baby…you are doing a number on my ribs. I swear I can feel them moving. I think you may have had the hiccups the other night too…or you were dancing.

Unglamorous body changes: Sore “under carriage” (as Kirk calls it). Bright blue veins all over my stomach that I hadn’t noticed and Kirk pointed out.

Maternity Clothes? No. Still in the same 2 pair of jeans with the top two buttons undone and the same 2 pair of leggings or 2 pair of Old Navy workout pants every day. I’m stylish, let me tell you. Ha ha…not!

Food cravings: Chic Fil A Lemonade Smoothie, ice cream, hot chocolate brownie with ice cream, sushi (but I don’t dare b/c it would KILL my reflux), smoked salmon (making some this weekend)…and I’m sooo sooo sooo thirsty all the time.

What I miss: regularity in the bathroom (if you know what I mean) and being able to breathe well. Being able to twist to put my car in reverse (thank goodness for the Reverse camera). Bending over to pick things up or put shoes on.

Anything making you queasy: Nope

Milestones: You can blink your eyes and see the light that filters into my womb. You may be having dreams in there too!

Best moments this week:

1. Picking up an awesome Diaper Bag from my friend Jeanie (Nest Brand)

2. The Invitations for my Baby Sprinkle went out!

3. Picking up a few cute Summer onesies for you.

Looking forward to: Your brother’s 3rd birthday party next week and Spring Break trip to Telluride in a few weeks.


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