If this week had a theme it would be “Dear God, how am I going to be awake enough to have a newborn when I can’t nap every day b/c I am so freaking tired I may fall asleep behind the wheel on the way to Chic Fil A for my daily craving.”

How far along: 27 weeks and definitely PREGNANT and tired and cranky and sore. I start each day feeling Awesome, I can conquer the world. I hit the gym, run errands, eat….then….blah! Around Noon I want to die and I struggle to keep Reeve awake another hour for his 1 pm nap and then I fall asleep with him b/c I can’t keep my eyes open another second. I sleep for an hour with him then creep out of the room so slowly in hopes he naps another half hour or so and to try to take a bath. I get my bath in somehow or another b/c I’m stinky from the gym and b/c it helps wakes me up and then again around 5pm I want to die. So. Tired.

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): a head of cauliflower. God, that sounds about right. Heavy and bulky. 2 pounds and about 14.5 pounds.

Total weight gain: 22 or so pounds. With the way I am craving sweets and eating right before bed so I don’t wake up hungry or ice cream to combat the reflux, I’m expecting to see some poundage.

Sleep: Overall, still really well. Last night I didn’t wake up once to go to the bathroom, but I’m still usually up once a night. I could sleep 12 hours at night with a 2 hour nap if *someone* would let me. Instead, I wake up each morning between 6:15 and 6:30 to *someone* yelling for me.

Movement: Oh yeah….the other night I couldn’t sleep b/c I didn’t feel you wiggling around like I usually do and it freaked me out b/c you, typically, are moving ALL THE TIME. I think you are still breech b/c I can feel my ribs move when you kick.

Unglamorous body changes: We shouldn’t really talk publicly about such things, but let me tell you that I had to buy ice packs for a very sore part of my body.

Maternity Clothes? No. Still in the same 2 pair of jeans with the top two buttons undone and the same 2 pair of leggings or 2 pair of Old Navy workout pants every day. I’m stylish, let me tell you. Ha ha…not!

Food cravings: Puffins Cereal, Fondue, Lemonade,

What I miss: regularity in the bathroom (if you know what I mean) and being able to breathe well. I despise the stairs in our home and can go about 10 minutes at a time on the Elliptical before I have to go to the bathroom.

Anything making you queasy: Nope

Milestones: You are sleeping and waking at regular intervals. You are possibly sucking on your fingers in there and your brain is growing every day. Supposedly, your taste buds are quite developed. I’m expecting you to come out craving a piece of chocolate cake. 🙂

Best moments this week:

1. Going out to dinner with some friends for Fondue…Chocolate AND Cheese!!!

2. A woman at the gym told me I was glowing! I think it was just sweat, but she was so sweet!

3. Ordering a bookshelf for your room and a custom scoreboard sign

4. Passing the Glucose Test!

Looking forward to: Crossing items off my list of things to do before you get here. For instance, I’ve ordered your newborn picture hat/outfit and have to figure out what photographer to hire.


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