Third.Trimester (26.weeks)

I celebrated this final 3 months of being pregnant with a Brownie Sundae at 1 o’clock in the afternoon…and it was GLORIOUS


How far along: 26 Weeks and definitely starting to feel pregnant. While I have no horrible complaints, I am definitely starting to feel some of the physical symptoms of being pregnant. Constant pressure “down there” as well as some small back pain/discomfort. My knees hurt reminding me that I’m carrying an extra 21 pounds.

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): A scallion, measuring in at 14″…REALLY? I guess it never entered my mind that you could possibly be over a foot in there. Sure, I feel you moving around, but I figured you were still closer to 8″ or so. 14″ seems BIG.

Total weight gain:  21.5 pounds. I won’t lie, when I weighed in I cried a little. How can something so small weigh that much. The doctor assured me most of it is fluid/blood, but that at least 10% of it is fat. Oh well, anything for you….

Sleep: eh….not horrible, but certainly not great. It takes a LOT of work to roll from side to side, moving the pillow between my legs along with me. I’m usually only up once a night to pee and wake up pretty early each morning, somewhere around 5:45 and toss/turn until I can fall back asleep for another 30 minutes or so. I’m back to napping every day with Reeve. That helps so much too b/c I’m exhausted by 11 am each morning.

Movement: Oh boy….you are currently Breech (which isn’t a concern yet) and tap dancing on my bladder. Sometimes I can feel you step on it and I think I need to run to the potty. Usually, I do only to find nothing really needs to come out. You are still quite active when I’m lying down.

Unglamorous body changes: Nothing new here….

Maternity Clothes? Nope…still wearing my jeans with the top buttons undone and a lot of leggings. I stare at the maternity clothes I have set aside from my pregnancy with Reeve and Thank God that I don’t have to wear “work” clothes this time around. Being pregnant is so much easier when I can wear yoga pants/workout clothes/leggings/jeans. I don’t like those tops with Ruching on the side…they just make me look fat at this point. My bump isn’t big enough yet that it looks like a bump (as sure as I type that it will grow over night)

Food cravings: HOT brownie sundae. Chipotle rice. Chocolate. Coffee drinks. Garlic.

What I miss: hmmmm….nothing really. Putting on my socks is a bit harder. Turning over my shoulder to reverse the car is a bit difficult. I can’t crack my back like I usually do. But, honestly, other than begin tired and the discomfort in my back, there is nothing I can’t do (including the Elliptical at the gym and lifting weights 4-5 times a week)

Anything making you queasy: Only if I don’t eat pretty quickly after I wake up

Milestones:  You weigh nearly 2 lbs and your hearing is really starting to differentiate between Mama, Daddy and that loud brother of yours. I’m sorry that he screams so much…it probably scares you a lot. You can open your eyes and are taking breaths in there.

Best moments this week:

1. Hitting the THIRD TRIMESTER (and the brownie sundae that followed)

2. Hanging some of your artwork on your walls

3. Putting all of your clothes from Reeve away in your dresser after I’ve washed them. I can’t really believe you will be as tiny as some of those clothes. I can’t imagine how small you will look next to your GIANT brother.

4. Reeve telling me “When Baby L gets here tomorrow, I’m going to kiss him and tell him I love him.”

Looking forward to: Another snowed-in weekend at home with my boys. I’m kind of digging these Lazy Weekends.


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