Someone is waiting for you


I can’t imagine what it’s like to go through life knowing my best friend is also blood.

Reeve doesn’t understand the gravity of this yet. That he has a built-in Wingman, Best Man, confidante, scapegoat, and if we’re lucky, someone he wants to protect for his whole life.

He’s really excited to meet you, Baby L, that we already know.

Not a day goes by where you don’t come up in conversation in some way or another.

If we are out and he sees another baby he wants to know if you will be that big or cry like that. He wants to stop at every store at look at the baby clothes and baby toys. He pretends to cry like a baby and practices telling you “shhhh…shhh…it’s gonna be okay.” He loves to pull my shirt up every chance he gets to rub my skin or kiss you. He likes to climb into your crib to “make sure Baby L is gonna fit” and likes to look at your new onesies.

Every day he asks if you are here yet and each night he says “Dear God Thank you for Baby L.”

Patience is hard for an (almost) 3-year-old and there is no way he understand the way in which his world will surely change, but for now, there is nothing on this Earth that he looks forward to more than meeting you. Us also.

Keep growing big and strong and we’ll see you in a few month.

PS….Reeve wants to know if you are going to bring him any presents



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