How far along: 25 Weeks!  Getting closer and closer, I can’t believe there are only about 3 months left!

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): an “average” rutabaga?!?  Not sure what that is, but you are about 1.5 pounds as of my FREE Ultrasound last week!

Total weight gain:  I’m guessing around 20 pounds

Sleep: Pretty good….I sleep using a regular pillow between my legs or under my stomach. For the most part, I’m still sleeping on my stomach. I wake up 1-3 times a night to pee and aside from this nasty cold that is making it hard to breathe in the night, I’m definitely not complaining. I fall asleep somewhere around 9:30 each night and wake up at 7 so I’m perfectly happy.

Movement: You kick all day long with LOTS of movement any time I lay down or stop moving myself. Daddy can feel you really well now and Reeve has felt you once also.

Unglamorous body changes: My belly button is, well….not sure what the word is…wide? I cannot believe how soft the skin of the actual button part is from never being exposed. It makes Kirk laugh.

Maternity Clothes? Nope…still in my jeans, but now I’m leaving 2 buttons undone. LOTS of gym clothes and leggings. It’s much easier to be pregnant when you don’t have to wear “Business Casual” clothing. Comfort is SOOO much more attainable.

Food cravings: Blow Pops the last 2 or 3 nights. We’ve eaten a lot of shredded pork/chicken tacos in the crock pot. Not b/c I’m craving it but because it’s super easy. Mexican (duh) and I’m gonna beg for some sushi this weekend. Soda….I’ve avoided caffeine and indulged in a few Sprites/Root Beers. Gatorade. And ice cream, of course.

What I miss: Breathing….you are definitely up against my diaphragm. The Elliptical machine is harder and even walking up stairs is getting to be a workout. Other than that, I feel so great and nothing is really that hard.

Anything making you queasy: Nope

Milestones:  you are getting some baby fat in there. However, if you are anything like your brother, you won’t ever have any baby fat on you.Your lungs are growing and your skin is getting pinker and pinker. Any hair you have is now getting color to it.

Best moments this week:

1. A FREE Ultrasound which confirmed that you are healthy and do not have a “dense bowel”

2. Setting a date for my Baby Sprinkle

3. Having a gentleman at the gym stop to tell me how impressed he was with my strength and that he thought what I was doing by working out daily (he sees me there) is “impressive” and that he admires me.

4. Valentine’s Date with Daddy. We went to a Dessert Bar all the way downtown and had THE best dinner followed by Cake & Shake (a treat from our dating days). I wore a dress…I told Daddy he better take a LONG look b/c he won’t see me in another dress for at least 6 months.

Looking forward to: Glucose Test this week. The taste of the syrup never bothered me with Reeve and I look forward to only more confirmation that you are healthy and I am healthy and getting to see you again.






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