How far along: 23 weeks. This pregnancy is going so much faster than my first.

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): a large mango at just over 11 inches long and weighing in at over a pound.

Total weight gain: 15-16 pounds

Sleep: I would say the last few nights have been a little rough. My back is starting to ache in the night and my abdominal muscles are really starting to weaken. Rolling from side-to-side (a movement that you take for granted) is really hard with weak abs. I wake up once a night to use the restroom and reached for the Snoogle again for the first time in a few weeks last night.

Movement: When I’m sitting or lying down you KICK like crazy. I hope you aren’t like your brother (and mama) and can’t stand to sit still.

Unglamorous body changes: Just a growing belly and a crazy wide belly button. I had to go buy a few new bras today, my old ones were pinchy on my ribs.

Maternity Clothes? Along with the new bras, I have really only bought shirts that are long enough to actually fit me (it’s hard to find any long enough in the first place) and shirts that are loose enough I can wear comfortably after I give birth when nursing. My jeans still fit and are held in place with a hair tie.

Food cravings: Chocolate and sweets at the moment. My heartburn is showing up as I lay down each night and that always makes me want ice cream. Today, I made a Wendy’s frosty run. I was also craving spicy brussel sprouts for dinner and can’t seem to get enough citrus/orange juice

What I miss: Probably just being able to sleep all night through. Other than that, I really feel great

Anything making you queasy: Nope

Milestones:  You recognize loud voices now like Hannah barking and Reeve screaming (great). Your bones are visible through your skin

Best moments this week:
1. Your nursery is about 75% done

2. A quick trip to KS where some of my sorority sisters got to see my belly. Also, I had an excuse to get dressed up (see below)

3. Reeve kissing on my belly all the time. He says, “mommy, Baby L is really growing” and touches my belly…he also accidentally hits/kicks you a lot too though 😉

Looking forward to: Just getting a message back from the doctor that all is well with you






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