Where did last week go?

I think taking a quick trip to Kansas messed with my brain. I told Kirk “well, we are on the downward slope of this pregnancy” and he started laughing at me. In my mind, once I’m past that 20-week mark, it’s all downhill….

He quickly reminded me how the back pain will start and how I will soon start getting that horrible heartburn I had with Reeve.

I laughed…

and then it started….


I’m still in my Pre-Maternity jeans and, as you can see, am only using a hair tie to keep my jeans together.



Happy Tuesday….my belly button looks funny now. And Reeve thinks, despite what I’ve told him, that the little hole left from my belly button ring is where Baby L will come out.IMG_0139

Off to take Reeve to school and then do my 30 minutes on the Elliptical then a trip to the GAP to use a gift card and GAP cash….I hate buying maternity clothes, but I think I may need at least one pair of ripped jeans.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to another nap with Reeve today. Hoping for another 2-hour one like we got yesterday



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