How far along: 21 weeks! I guess I’m technically on the Downward Slope. ha ha….hard to believe that even 21 weeks have gone by.

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): Carrot….10.5 Inches.

Total weight gain: 12 pounds…

Sleep: Okay. It’s dry and the middle of winter here so Kirk is snoring like crazy and that keeps me up more than the pregnancy. Rolling from side-to-side is hard in the night when my Abdominal muscles haven’t been used.

Movement: SO much kicking. Daddy can feel you now, which I love. You are extremely active in there, I think you are working on trying to keep up with your brother.

Unglamorous body changes: Just a growing belly and a crazy wide belly button

Maternity Clothes? I bought 2 Longer t-shirts and am pretty certain I won’t be purchasing any Maternity Clothes (if at all) until much later. I plan to live in leggings, long cardigans and tank tops. I despise those shirts with rushing on the side and when I DO browse that Maternity section at Target, I’m just appalled that anyone would think stripes are a good idea on a big belly. I feel like my regular clothes are too short and any old maternity clothes I have are too big so I end up just wearing a solid tank top with a cardigan

Food cravings: Salty and Spicy. Right now it’s 8 a.m. and I would love to think that I can have nachos from Qdoba today, but I won’t….

What I miss: Not alcohol….doesn’t even sound good. Not caffeine, I gave that up a long time ago. Nothing really….I just wish I weren’t so tired by the time I lie down in bed each night.

Anything making you queasy: The only time I feel nauseous is if I don’t eat breakfast right away and wait to long

Milestones:  You have eyebrows now. And eyelids. And your taste buds are growing, so maybe that’s why I’m wanting some spicy food today.

Best moments this week:
1. Reeve telling me you look bigger and asking if he can kiss you

2. Adding some items to my Target Registry.

3. Someone told me that thought it was great that I was at the gym. I was all confused and said, “why?” and then she felt nervous that maybe I wasn’t pregnant just at the same moment I realized she meant b/c I WAS pregnant.

Looking forward to: A Pregnancy massage this weekend


***look, I can’t button that top button of my jeans, but I still am going to wear them until it’s absolutely ridiculous2015/01/img_0056.jpg




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