Now that I’m pregnant, I find that I just don’t shop as much. That’s mostly due to the fact that I’m so dang tired, but also, it’s no fun to buy clothes for a body that is about to so drastically change. To fulfill that *need* to shop, I do a lot of online shopping when I’m not napping with Reeve or on the treadmill.

First, I’m quite obsessed with Newborn baby gifts. I have a few friends who are pregnant also, and here are some of the things on my list for their Showers & Sprinkles.

Boco BabyUnknownBoco Baby is THE cutest company with THE cutest personalized items I’ve ever seen. I’ve got my eye on the crown set for Baby L’s newborn pics. (Hint….the crown has something really special to do with Baby L’s name). I just love the Welcome Baby sets and the Minky blankets. These are just too cute for words and make such a special gift.

Lou Lou and CompanyIMG_0925

Please…Please…Please. This Red + Navy Striped Knit Blanket has my heart. It’s University of Kansas colors and my favorite, but I’d also take absolutely anything on their website. Of course, the girls stuff is ridiculously cute, but not in my future.

Lindsay LettersLindsayLetters_AlltheEversCanvas_1024x1024

I think everything on Lindsay Letters’ page is pretty special, but I especially love this “for all of the evers” sign. In her description she says: “I was joking around with my husband one night and I said I love you forever… wait, even more than that. I love you for ALL of the evers!” My favorite part of my wedding vows to Kirk was the end when I said, “I will love you until my dying breathe…and then…forever after that” and this just reminds me of that moments and how much I love our sweet boys.

I think Baby L may be getting this for his nursery

Chrissie Grace Designsil_570xN.500192256_osz5

Both of my boys have such unique names that they will never find them pre-stamped on any keychain or novelty. Items like this personalized pillow are just so sweet. I think gifting this to a special baby would be so meaningful and lovely.

and last, but not least…

The Stella & Dot Signature Engravable Bar Cuff for MamaScreen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.29.03 AM

I won’t lie, I’ve ordered this Cuff in Gold with Reeve’s name and in Silver with Baby L’s name. I’m more than obsessed with how these two will look separate and together. I know there are so many options out there for Engravable necklaces and bracelets, but these are so sturdy and would make beautiful gifts for friends, sisters, aunts or anyone. You can personalize with baby names like I’ve done or dates, initials or special words.

So, that’s it…my Top 5 gifts for the special mamas and babies in your lives.

Have a great weekend, we aren’t up to much, just putting together some garage shelving and I’m trying to squeeze in a Mama Massage at BellyUp Spa here in Highlands Ranch. That’s another great gift for mama. Do you have Spas for Mamas where you live? BellyUp caters to moms and uses only safe, healthy products. I’m hoping they have room for me this weekend.



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