Under.the.Weather (don’t read if you don’t like puke stories…I don’t)

We had the best of intentions for day. A Date is what we were calling our Special Trip to the Science & Nature Museum downtown today. It’s hard for us to get downtown. We have to fight Rush Hour traffic to get anywhere in time to enjoy that 10-Noon window and then still make it home in time for a nap. It’s hard b/c he HATES being in the car. It’s hard b/c Downtown can take up to an hour to get to.

This morning, we had to drop daddy off at his office, so we were more than halfway there.

As we exited I-25 onto Colfax Reeve started complaining that his belly hurt. I thought maybe he had to poop and kept trying to distract him with talks of Metropolis (Denver Skyline) and stories about Batman. Then he started asking, “why does my throat hurt?” He has a flair for the dramatic so I thought nothing of it.

I mean, the kid has NEVER been sick before. The only time he’s ever puked is if he swallowed pool water or ate noodles on New Year’s too fast….even as a baby, he never really spit up.

Then….well, we neared the Capitol Building and puke sprayed EVERYWHERE.  On the window. Down the door into the cup holder. All over him. All over his brand new carseat and my brand new car. He was freaking out. I was stuck at a Red Light on Colfax with traffic and bikes and people all over.

My first thought was “What the hell do I do? Who is going to clean that up? I’m not…I’m pregnant.”


I realized we were near our Rental Property and, with fingers crossed, drove straight there hoping the 20-something, Pot Smoking kids were awake by 9:15 am and would answer the door.

Before I even tried though, I sat in the parking lot using the whole package of Baby Wipes to clean up what I could. Baby Wipes do NOTHING to puke. It was all over his shoes and clothes and he was screaming, “I want to GO TO THE DINOSAURS at the museum.” I undressed him and there he sat….naked in the car. His carseat was not only covered in puke it was pooled in the seat, making it impossible for him to ride the hour back home in the carseat. I was freaking out that he’d have to just be buckled in and thinking about how I’d have to take back roads and it would take forever and what if he puked again?

I started crying. He was crying.

I looked in the back of the 4Runner and saw a hamper full of clothes we had to donate to Goodwill and found a long sleeve t-shirt of Kirk’s to throw on him.

Then I went to the house and a tenant let me in and gave me rolls of paper towels and trash bags and time and was so kind. He told me his car was totaled yesterday while parked out front and I could’ve cared less…I’ve got a sick baby here, Pot Smoking 20-something in a suit.

We made it home. Since I was able to clean his carseat and put him back in it, we hauled ass back to the ‘Burbs.

I gave him a quick bath and turned on cartoons for him to watch and went out to wrestle the new carseat for the next 20 minutes. That damn thing is sturdy as hell and hard as can be to remove the cover. I didn’t care….I was so grateful for it in that moment I didn’t think he could ride home in it, I wasn’t going to complain.

When I came upstairs….this is what I found.2015/01/img_2696.jpg


Look at that sweet face.2015/01/img_2698.jpg

Can I just tell you that this kid has NEVER once in his whole life fallen asleep on his own without being rocked, sang to, laid down with or in the car….That’s how I knew for sure he wasn’t feeling well. I had to go check his breathing it was so rare that he just fall asleep on his own.2015/01/img_2697.jpg

Sweet boy, with his hands tucked up his shirt and covering his face. He has no fever, but I’m not leaving his side for the rest of the day.2015/01/img_2700.jpg

Let’s hope this Pregnant Mama doesn’t get whatever it is and that it only last 24 hours…2015/01/img_2702.jpgNothing is worse than a sick kid. I hate it.

Stay healthy, people….and wash your hands!



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