Beds, Box Trolls and Barbecue

we did nothing this weekend. Like….NOTHING!

It was cold and snowy and I’m just pregnant enough that I used that as an excuse to do a whole lot of nothing.

However, if you’d ask Kirk, he’d say I did “too much” and “a lot” and I’d tell you, “well, if you think that’s a lot, you should see how much I get done when it’s not cold and snowy.”

My weekend went a little like this.

Saturday. Walked 3-4 miles with Kelsi. Went to Old Navy. Went to Kohls. Came home. Fixed lunch. Cleaned out my closet and Reeve’s closet. Put new storage system in Reeve’s closet. Cleaned out Playroom so Playroom can become Baby L’s nursery. Hung 6 pictures in Reeve’s room. Put up his Big Boy Bed frame and mattress. Vacuumed. Put Reeve down for a nap. Took a bath. Cleaned out Hall closet and 5th bedroom that held all of the hand-me-downs from Aunt Connie. Reeve woke up. Played. Watched TV. Cooked. Played. Gave Reeve a bath. Read 58 books. Put Reeve to bed. …. then FINALLY laid down in bed next to Kirk and said, “what a great day. I love doing nothing.” To which he looked at me and told me I need to take it easy.

Sunday. Cooked Breakfast. Went to gym. TJ Maxx. Grocery Store. Cooked lunch. Played in show with Reeve.  Put spackle on nail holes from when we changed Reeve’s room out. Sprayed wall texture on larger holes. Painted what I could of holes. Put Reeve down for nap. Took my own bath. Cleaned out more stuff in my bedroom dresser. Cleaned up kitchen. Reeve woke up. Cleaned out the nasty front loading Washer/Dryer. Drained Washer. Played in the snow some more. Went out to eat BBQ b/c we had to get out of the house. Watched Box Trolls and made Reeve his own Box. Bath. Books. Bed.




/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/eeb/19294286/files/2015/01/img_2624.jpgI felt like I both got a LOT done and did nothing at all.

Kirk can’t stand how I like to go go GO on the weekends. He just wants to relax (understandably) but I don’t ever get to do the things I can on the weekend b/c he’s not here to play with Reeve.

Gosh, I’m tired just thinking about all that I did over the weekend.

Now, Kirk is in Atlanta for the week and THANK THE LORD school starts back up tomorrow. I am going a bit insane with this 2 week break. It’s probably a combination of the cold and being pregnant, but I kind of just really like the daily break from Reeve. Does that make me a bad mom? Oh well…we are both a lot happier when we can have that break.

Now, I’m off to start a load of clothes in the dryer from when SOMEONE pooped their pants for the first time in 4 months today b/c he was too busy playing with his friends in the snow to tell me he had to go.



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