Little Moon,

I am so tired. So so very tired.

I think I’ve napped with your Big Brother every day for over 2 weeks. I just need it.

I’m also quite pukey. From about 6:30 a.m. to about noon I just feel like I’m going to barf…..

it must mean something. It must mean you are growing and growing and I can hardly stand 2 more days until we get to see you and hear your fast little heartbeat. I think it will feel so much more real then.

At a few days shy of 8 weeks, you are the size of a blueberry and have ears, arm buds, leg bus….you kind of look like an alien.

Reeve talks about you but doesn’t get it at all.

I just took a shower (and a nap) and am having to sit b/c the world is kind of skinny. I get hot flashes then gag and need a break. I feel so sad for your brother who has watched more TV in the past few weeks than he’s ever before….I just need to lie down.

I’m quite scared about how to do this with 2 little people who need my attention all day long.

I’m also quite grateful as I know how hard some mamas have to try and pray for their sweet babies.

I’m hope it’s quiet in there for now b/c, I can guarantee you, as soon as you are On The Outside, your ears are in for a surprise….that surprise is loud and whiny and a WHOLE lot of fun.

Your Big Brother told me today that when he grows up his whole job is to “be a big brother” and to “Pay for things.”


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