Little Moon,

we told Daddy about you last night. To say it was adorable just doesn’t do it justice.

Although Kirk swears he knew in his heart, his face tells otherwise.

Reeve and I bought a pair of baby shoes that are Superman shoes with a red cape on the back (tooooo cute) and put them in a box for daddy. It’s not unusual for us to give Kirk a present out of the blue, it’s often just a pair of crazy socks from Target that I let Reeve pick out for him. I had told Reeve that we were giving daddy a pair of said socks b/c I knew he would blow it and say “we got you baby shoes.”

Well, turns out it wouldn’t have mattered if Reeve HAD said that b/c Kirk did NOT get it when he opened the box and saw BABY SHOES!

He gave me this look and his eyebrows raised as to say, “Huh? I don’t get it?”

I pointed to my stomach and gave him the “we are in for it” look and he smiled, laughed an said, “Really?”

Came over and hugged me….then told me to quit recording him.

It was cute!

I’m only 3 weeks at this point, so very nervous to tell anyone. In fact, I lied to Tara yesterday when she asked me if I was pregnant. It just feels different this time. With Reeve, we didn’t even try and with you, we were only in the figuring out when it could happen each month phase. We are very blessed!

You are the size of a poppyseed. Daddy calls you Monkey Baby. I’m worried about my 6-pack. Honestly, I know how horrible that sound, but I worked really hard for this flat tummy and you room in there is going to grow big and fill it up. It’s okay….it will come back.

So, there you are inside there. I’m 99% certain you are another boy and I’m having the hardest time getting daddy to like any of the 830 names I’ve already thrown at him. I know we have MONTHS to figure it out, but I don’t like call you “it” and certainly not Monkey Baby.

You keep waking me up between 4 and 5 am and not letting me go back to sleep. How can something so tiny do that? I think it’s just b/c you need all of MY energy so that you can grow. Go ahead….take it.

I’ve cried no less than 30 times since yesterday. When Kirk laughingly told me I’d get to wear Stretch Jeans again. When “Danny’s Boy” came on The Voice. When Reeve told me “I love you.” When I walked into what will be your nursery. When I looked at diaper bags online. When I thought about leaving Reeve to go to the hospital to have you. When I think about how he won’t be my only baby anymore. When I think about how tired I am.

Kirk just laughs at me. Then I laugh at me. I’m a mess!

I’m 96% excited. That’s just honest. I’m not nervous at all about the Baby Stuff like I was with Reeve. Not about if I can breastfeed, the delivery, not about not sleeping or how Reeve will even act. No, I’m 3% nervous about having time to go to the gym with Baby #2 and 1% nervous about the baby’s health. I think that’s normal.

We have to run Reeve to school. I just want to go buy pajamas and a Prego Pillow and take a nap. I don’t remember being tired with Reeve. In fact, I remember having a TON of energy!


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