Hey Little Guy,

today was your first Road Trip. We drove 10+ hours across Kansas to Don Linny’s house. Your brother was AMAZINGLY good and you were quite restless. I felt you kick more on this trip that ever. I don’t think you liked sitting still that long. Don’t worry, I didn’t like it either.

It’s 3 days until Christmas and I keep thinking about next year when you are here with us.

This year, it feels relatively calm. Reeve kind of understands what’s going on and I can’t wait to see his face when he opens that dang Batman Motorcycle he’s been talking about for months. Next year, I anticipate, there will be lots of fussing over you. You will be the best gift I get next year.

I just wanted to let you know that I feel you in there. I think about you all day and look at tiny little onuses in complete awe that I will get to hold anything as tiny as you again.

This week you will be 17 weeks and nearly 5″ long, 1/4 or so of your full height. It seems crazy that I can possibly be this far along. I feel like, with your brother, time went so slowly and here we are nearly halfway done with this pregnancy.

I’m off to bed, we had a long day (started driving at 3 a.m.) but I will say my little prayer tonight for your health and happiness and thank God (and Santa) for my best present ever…YOU!


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