Week 11 was spent in Clearwater, FL on the beach with Kirk’s family. Let me tell you, the sun and sand does something miraculous for Morning (All Day) Sickness b/c I felt AMAZING.
Folks, I even went for a 3-mile jog on the beach. A JOG!!!  As in…I….Ran!!!  WTF
Back to cold and snowy Colorado and I’m not feeling so hot. In fact, I threw up Papa Murphy’s Thai Chicken Pizza the other night. Don Linny is here and I called her on the phone from the basement to bring me up a glass of ice water.
I had my 12 Week appointment today and got to hear your little heartbeat….that was exciting!  And it’s so fun to tell people you are a BOY (even though I hate it when people say, “well, you can try again”). I’m excited for a boy…and as I tell people, about 2% sad about not having a girl, but I’m just so extremely happy that you are healthy and growing that I don’t’ even care.
So, here are my stats….
How far along: 12 weeks!
Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): Key Lime
 Total weight gain: 3 pounds…I’m happy about this
Sleep:  Well, now that I have my Body Pillow back  from Erin, I’m happy to say I slept the past two nights in a row over 8 hours without waking up even once to pee!!!!!Movement: Not really
Unglamorous body changes:  Just a small, slight belly pooch
Maternity Clothes? HELL NO~
Food cravings: Still the same as before. Salty, spicy and cheesy. Nothing weird yet, but definitely not anything sweet other than chocolate here and there.What I miss: The beach….ha ha. Seriously, it did wonders for my body

Anything making you queasy: Not really. Sometimes I crave and egg and cheese on English Muffin and then immediately feel gross after I eat it.Milestones: You have reflexes now like grasping, sucking and even hiccups (which I do too)Best moments this week:

1.Reeve telling us he’s going to teach you about Love (and Superman)
2. Finding out that you will be a boy and Reeve will have a best friend to go all through life with
3. I’m having a glass of wine tomorrow night with my meal
Looking forward to: finishing our Christmas Cards where we announce not only that we are pregnant, but also that you are a BOY!







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