How far along: 17 weeks!
Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): Apple
 Total weight gain: Going out on a limb here and gonna say 8-10 pounds Post-Christmas….eeks…I ate too many of Aunt Connie’s Peanut Butter balls.
Sleep:  SOOoooooo much better now that I’ve put The Boyfriend (Body Pillow) away for now. That thing seemed like such a good idea, but I think I got it out too early. It was too hard to roll side-to-side with it and seemed to keep me up a lot. Now, I just sleep with a pillow between my legs and all is well. If only I could stop Kirk from snoring….
Movement: Definitely kicking a lot at night once I’ve slowed down for the day or even in bed. Let’s try to be active during the DAY, little one….
Unglamorous body changes:  Just a little belly action. Today, as we drove home from Kansas, I felt some ligament pain and my skin on my stomach is definitely getting itchy.
Maternity Clothes? No, but I don’t think it will be long. Although all my jeans still button and fit well, they aren’t the least bit comfortable when I’m sitting down and the button rides just under my belly.
Food cravings: Clementines, fruit, juice, salads…anything citrusy
What I miss: Being able to do crunches. The OB/GYN told me it was time to stop and I cried….

Anything making you queasy: Nope…that’s all gone, thank goodness
Milestones:  Your organs are well-devloped, your kidneys are starting to create urine and you can hear sounds now like your own heartbeat and my voice.
Best moments this week:
1. Christmas and getting to be with my family back in Kansas. You got to meet some Sorority sisters, eat amazing food, workout a few times, have breakfast in bed at a hotel.
2. Getting a few small presents from family for you (onesies, booties, rattles, etc)
3. Feeling you kick and move around in there.
Looking forward to: my 21-week Ultrasound appointment where I get to see how much you’ve grown and your sweet, sweet face.







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