you are just my Little Mummy Ghost. No matter how many ornaments we hang, how many sugar cookies we bake (8 dozen to be exact) or how many times I have to sing Rudolph or Holy Moly (O Holy Night) to you, you would still rather it be Halloween.

You are quick to remind me that Popsicle the Elf On The Shelf isn’t even real. That the beautiful Christmas lights hung in our neighborhood are really Halloween lights and that The Nightmare Before Christmas is still better than Hermey, Rudolph, Yukon Cornelious and Clarice fighting the Abominable Snow Monster.

That’s okay….I will continue to be that Pinterest mom who makes a ridiculous amount of crafts (beads on a felt tree as ornaments and finger paintings galore). I will continue to fill our house with homemade potpourri of cranberries, oranges and cinnamon sticks. We will buy an ornament every week and have Waffle Bar parties, make Gingerbread houses and stuff holiday cards until our fingers bleed.

You know why? Because we are lucky. Lucky to get to be together. Lucky to get to have our home, our food, clothes and Blessings that can’t be counted or measured. We have Baby L growing healthy and Daddy home every day. We have a Stinky Dog who farts out loud and a family who can’t wait to see us in 4 days. And as long as we have all of those things, we will celebrate Christmas until the sight of red and green makes us sick.

And, while it’s clear that you’d rather the Big Man in Red be a skeleton with a bow tie (see picture below), I’m happy we get to love each other enough to create all these memories so that, someday, when you have a family of you own, all of those Over-the-Top things I don’t won’t seem so silly.

I love you and I love making Christmas (and every day) special for you!


ps….what are you? 10 or something? Those khakis, that hair, the very stoic look on your face. You purposely blinked the whole time and refused to smile. Stinker.


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