How far along: 14 weeks!
Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): Lemon
 Total weight gain: 4 if the scale at the gym is correct.
Sleep:  Well, the most difficult part about sleep right now is that Kirk is snoring like crazy and keeping me up all night. I would say my stomach is a little tender to sleep on…yes, I am a stomach sleeper so it’s getting tougher. I definitely find myself waking up on my back and worrying that I’m hurting you
Movement: Maybe….I mean at night when I’m lying on my side I can feel something, but it honestly could be gas…not that kind of gas…just bubbles
Unglamorous body changes:  The belly has started to round out
Maternity Clothes? HELL NO~
Food cravings: Orange juice, bread, spicy chicken sandwiches, turkey bacon, baked goods (thought I’m damn tired of baking), I would KILL for sushi…anything spicy really
What I miss: Hmmmmm….nothing so far has really changed. Maybe just getting a good night’s sleep without waking up to pee.

Anything making you queasy: Sometimes I get a little cough after breakfast that is a gag, but not really any one thing makes me queasy
Milestones:  You can make facial expressions and ultra fine hair on your arms, back, legs.
Best moments this week:
1. Mailing our Christmas cards to surprise our friends who didn’t know about you
2. Telling The World “Facebook” that you are in there and getting so many beautiful comments and prayers
3. Picking out your Christmas Stocking, it sort of matches Reeve’s
Looking forward to: finding a gift for you from Reeve, he really wants to pick something out for you





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