I really think this kid is going to grow up to do something great. Sure, we all think that about our littles, but this one…whew, boy….he’s got PERSONALITY!

I mean, he knows no strangers and will just talk to anyone and the things the come out of his mouth are either profound or extremely hilarious (intentionally). He definitely knows how to make people laugh and smile. Class Clown FOR SURE with this one. You can just see the Ornery all over his face.IMG_2097.JPG

Here are some snaps from our weekend in Vail last week.

Reeve and I rode the Scenic Gondola 79 times, I think. Each new group of snowboarders or skiers that joined us was bombarded with questions, dialogue and a few even got his Famous Chicken Joke. He loved it and each time it took off would yell, “Batrope ACTIVATE”



He didn’t understand why he couldn’t snowboard with Daddy yet and ate more snow than I think is considered safe. No matter how many times I told him to “stop” he kept doing it and Kirk assured me it was “fresh powder” so we didn’t need to worry about those “City germs”. Yeah…


We met Daddy at the top of the mountain for lunch. Daddy was there for work so I didn’t get to ski/snowboard this time. 😦



At one point, Kirk texted me “how is he being” and I wrote back, “AWESOME….we have the coolest kid” b/c he had been playing with stranger kids in knee deep snow directing 6-10 year olds on how to be Superheroes and they were all playing along.IMG_2120.JPG


This kid LOVED that snow. We were going to sneak him into Ski School the next day, but Daddy had some work stuff to do and I didn’t think he’d do well quite yet with being on a ski lift with a bunch of strangers without us. We are going to enroll him in a full weekend of lessons when he’s actually 3 in the Spring.

He loved pretending with Daddy though and sure thought he was BIG STUFF.IMG_2129.JPG


and the way he crashed back at our Condo was just amazing. I think it took 3 whole minutes and he was sawing logs.


another wonderful weekend with my boys….I caught them, once again, in the same pose.IMG_2102.JPG

I was supposed to fly home to KC this weekend to do some last minute Christmas shopping, but am staying put in Colorado and we have some planned Holiday activities to look forward to. Right now, as usual, I’m running around while he naps trying to cram as much in as possible.

Today I even got to each lunch, take a bath AND have enough time to read some blogs.

Awesome though he may be, he sure is exhausting!


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