I feel already as though I’m slacking on posts about you. I hate to think you will ever have less of anything than Reeve had, but the truth is, I’m so tired that I just can’t.

Today was my first doctor’s appointment. Daddy went with me to see you on the Ultrasound and to hear your little heartbeat (167/minute).  The Sonogram Tech said you look perfect…we already knew that. I didn’t think I would cry when I saw you, I’ve done this before, you know….but I did. And Daddy laughed and rubbed my arm and it just felt so good to SEE you and hear your heart.

Your birthday should be sometime around June 3….sorry, kiddo…..you will never have birthday parties in the classroom at school….but you can always have an awesome pool party.

I was given some anti-nausea medicine, which I truly look forward to. The only thing that sounds good these days is Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Chic Fil-A and salty chips….



This was Daddy & I in the waiting room in our Matching Shirts.


I was embarrassed and tried to put a seat between us, but he didn’t like that.IMG_1589.JPG

After I picked Reeve up from school, I showed him the U/S pictures and tried to explain where your head was. He said, “I’m going to poop on his head” and I thought that seemed fitting for this stage in our lives. Potty Talk is all the rage amongst 2.5 year old….



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