When the rest of the world is talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Mulled Cider, I’m dreaming of the day I walk into Pottery Barn and get to start buying Christmas Ornaments or munching on Candy Cane Ice Cream.

Sure, the Fall is beautiful….but Christmas is ***MAGICAL***

My tree is quite eclectic. I’ve got everything from Superman to the Grinch to handmade snowmen and glittery letters. My tree isn’t all one color, it’s not coordinated and it’s by no means going to make it on Pinterest….but it’s SOOO special! I cringe each year when I hang the Leg Lamp (like on A Christmas Story) but then smile when I remember that first Christmas Kirk & I were dating and that was what he picked as his special ornament. I love the blue heart I bought when I was pregnant with Reeve most of all I think. I took a black Sharpie and wrote “In Mommy’s Belly 2011” on it. I also love the silver framed ornament with the picture of Reeve’s First Christmas where he is screaming upon Santa’s lap. There are Jayhawks aplenty and HOPE everywhere on that tree.

Each ornament is so special and so meaningful and I just cannot wait to one day pass all of his ornaments on to him.

The year Reeve was born I participated in an Online Ornament Swap with other bloggers who I’d never met. The woman who sent our ornaments NAILED it. She found a Superman Onesie ornament and a beautiful blue giraffe (my favorite animal) that said, “Baby’s First Christmas.” She wrapped them in a beautiful package with the most lovely card and I remember thinking, “I’m ALWAYS, ALWAYS going to buy ornaments for people.”

So, this year, I invite you to participate in my FIRST ANNUAL CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT EXCHANGE.

It’s very simple.

Ready? To join, here’s what you need to do:

* Email me, LLLJess{at}yahoo.com and use the subject heading ORNAMENT EXCHANGE

* Include your first and last name, email address, mailing address and blog link. {if you haven’t got a blog, include your Instagram or Etsy shop link}

* You can join any time between now and Friday, Nov. 14th. I’ll email you your partner’s details by Monday, Nov. 17th and you’ll have until Friday, Nov. 28th to find the perfect ornament and post it.

* Ornaments can be vintage, store-bought or handmade and should be approx. $10-$15 in value. Please do learn a little about your partner {follow those blog links or do some Facebook-snooping} and her preferences/style so that you can find an ornament just right for her.

* Include a Christmas card in your parcel, sharing a favourite Christmas song, tradition, memory, recipe…

Have fun! Don’t forget to take a photo of the ornaments you’ve sent/received so we can share them on our blogs. I’ll try to put together a showcase of all of them at some point in December, and link back to everybody.

I do hope you will participate. I promise you that you will cherish the ornament and that you will choose something very special and feel so wonderful popping that package in the mail.


Here are some of my favorite ornaments that are in my Shopping Cart at Pottery Barn this year (PB is my FAVORITE place for ornaments) and Crate & Barrel, Land of Nod, CB2 and West Elm.


I guess we do have a lot of Peace Sign ornaments on our tree…img1c


I just love ornaments with names on them….


My mom loves Scottie Dogs….this ornament would be cute on her tree


I LOVE ornaments that are the first letter of our names. I envision someday giving Reeve all of the Letter R’s I have and it will be enough to fill the tree….and I just love the Art Deco look


These Beatnik Ornaments are so funny. They don’t look like anyone in my family, but they would make a cute gift

good-point-ornaments-set-of-3These arrows are ridiculously cute and on-trend with the plaid that is so popular right now. I would love to have these on my tree.


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