Little One,

You are making me SO tired I took 2 naps today….

It’s my 35th birthday and I think of you as my best present. Your brother bought me donuts and sang to me 3 times (I think just so he could blow out the candles.).

Not a lot of food sound very good. I think if I could just eat garlic bread and queso all day, I would. However, every now and then something totally random sounds delicious….

such as this…IMG_1377.JPG

Isn’t that the grossest thing ever? Even as I was cooking it, I was thinking it sounded both disgusting and delicious at the same time.

I bake some Pumpkin Muffins the other day with pumpkin puree and about puked for the first time.

I’m still 100% convinced you are a boy, I remember having similar cravings with Reeve.

I don’t remember the nausea though. Sometimes, all I want is croutons…IMG_1402.JPGI ate this whole bag at 10pm one night.


In fact, so little sounds good to eat that I’ve lost 4 pounds. I’m trying to eat, but I just can’t stomach the thought of much right now. I swear the first trimester means you aren’t hungry and nothing sounds good, until something sounds good…and then…you HAVE to have it RIGHT THEN…or else.

Like a cheeseburger. I wanted one so badly yesterday that I made daddy take me to a brewery. Then, I got it and could only eat a few bites before I felt completely full. Same with Baked Chicken Wings. I HAD TO HAVE THOSE and ran in the store, bought the stuff, baked them (so delicious) and could only eat 3.

I gag at the thought of Hazelnut coffee, cupcakes and peanut butter…all things I loved a week ago. I now only want salty fries and pizza….

I take it all of this means you are just growing and growing in there. And that’s all I want….I love you. I do….so much!

You are my best birthday (secret) surprise.




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