While I write this, Reeve, you and Daddy are both working on taking a nap. You slept in late today (8) and when you woke, we rushed off to make Daddy’s baseball game. Turns out, it was the last game of the year as his team lost.

Daddy hurt his calf muscle (the same one he tore 3 years ago) two weeks ago and pulled it again only 3 innings in. Our team went through 3 more pitchers after him and lost 8-6 to the best team in the league. It was especially hard for daddy b/c he feels like if he could’ve played, they would’ve won.

He’s hard on himself.

I think it’s because he knows you and I are up in the stands watching him.

It was such a fun season just getting to let you run and learn how to climb the bleachers and learn how to use the *outdoor* bathroom (trees). I’m always so ready for the season to end…until it ends. Then, I’m sad that Kirk doesn’t have that time with his team or that outlet. It WILL be nice to have him back and get to go up to the mountains for the whole weekend and not have to rush back for Sunday.

I’m so happy you got to see your daddy play this year. Every time you ran the bases, cheered “strike him out, daddy” or told daddy “good game” afterwards I could tell it was sinking in a little more and more what we were actually doing.

Gosh, i can still remember that first season when you were so tiny and in jeans that snapped up the legs and booties with a onesie that said “I Heart Daddy.” Where does the time go?

In fact, wasn’t it just yesterday I went to that first game to watch Kirk and dressed all cute and worried the whole time he would hit someone while pitching?



It’s hard to believe that you will soon be on a team of your own.

I can’t wait until you are in your little uniform and we get to talk about sports…..

Can you even imagine how much fun you will have? How proud daddy and I will be of you?

I just can’t wait.


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