Finally, with 1 game left in Daddy’s Baseball Season, I can get this kid to wear a baseball hat.

Oh, and this shirt? When I tried to make him wear it 3 weeks ago to Betsy’s Cowgirl Party he FREAKED OUT…I mean the kid lost his shit. He hit and screamed….and then he got to watch Toy Story during Potty Training and now I have to wash it every 3 days.

Can you even believe how big he is getting? I love scraped knees and running-the-base-dirt between every finger after games. I love how he poops behind the dugout at EVERY game and I have to pick it up in a doggy bag. I love how he buries any toy he takes to the game and I have to then un-bury them until the number of Superheroes we brought matches what we’ve excavated. I love how he tells Kirk “Good Game, Daddy” without me prompting him and how he screams “Let’s go Nationals!!!” I love how we have to wash his shoes after every game b/c they are so filthy too. How he knows he can’t climb on the metal bleachers, but he still does. How he yells at the players waiting for their game after Daddy’s, “Hey, yellow guy….get your hands off the fence!”

There’s pretty much not a thing about this kid I don’t adore….

especially, though, that pouty face he makes after a game, on the way home when he’s slightly pink in the cheeks and just pooped….oh, and I won’t lie. I really LOVE the dirty bathwater before bed and how he says “I earned that bath”









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