don’t say dat….dat’s a naughty word

I’m crying b/c I thought I lost you  (Said after picking him up from the nursery at my MOPS group)

I can handle it, Mama

Big Hannah, you just don’t understand me

I’m just wondering if I can sleep without socks

What’s mosty?

I do need you, but I don’t need you

What time is it? Its Superman Time

Work it, Mommy. Work it, Work it…. (it was hilarious b/c he yelled it in public, but was actually just asking me to fix something/make it work)

Mommy: Reeve, eat this chicken and you can have a popsicle
Reeve: Guess no popsicle

Mommy: Say it with authority.
Reeve: what’s authority?
Mommy: Conviction
Reeve: What’s conviction?
Mommy: Passion
Reeve: What’s passion?

I do things when I’m out of the City (said while enjoying a 3-mile hike)

Mommy, the poopy isn’t ready…my butt won’t come out yet

Superman. Batman. Aquaman. Spiderman. (a running list heard each morning from outside his bedroom door as he’s listing Good/Bad Guys

I’m not ready to discuss that right now (Said to Aunt Connie)

I didn’t come all the way here on a plane to take a nap, I came to play (Said to Don Linny)

Is Molly in a chihuahua costume? (b/c he doesn’t believe she is really a chihuahua)

I’m gonna Sidekick you (before he understood what a Sidekick was)

Mommy: My booty is sore (after riding in the car 10 hours back from KS)
Reeve: Do you need to go to the doctor?

This car needs to grow wings (when we drove to KS for the first time….he thought flying would’ve been faster)

Tell me about when I was in your belly

I want a boy. I want a girl. I want two of ‘dem babies someday….but not to share my toys with

You be me and I’ll be you (while playing)

Mommy, Hannah hit me

Tell me about this song

When you want cheese, just think about cheese

Daddy, I was born with a baseball in my pocket

Don’t worry about such things, Mama

Mom, can I watch Mad Men?

Mommy, stop saying that…you are hurting my feelings

Stop pushing my button (I was actually pretending to push the button on his Buzz Lightyear pajamas)

Nothing is better than a cookie…you gotta let me dream on a cookie

My Spider Sense is tingling

Want to see something magical?

I love you..and I’m running away from you (while walking down the hill on a morning walk)

Mama, why did Mr. Andrew (the contractor) cut up the clouds?



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