This.Is.What.Potty.Training.Looks.Like.In.Our.House (yes, there is poop talk and pictures so don’t read if that bothers you)

wait….that title is misleading. The pictures aren’t of his poop…..even I have boundaries, people!

So, we decided amidst a rainy, gray week that perhaps we would give Potty Training a try? Why not?

I mean, we couldn’t go to the pool anyway and I was ALL about just taking a few days to sit at home and do NOTHING….

This was our attitude when we started. WE CAN DO IT!  YEAH!!!!

*ps….how ridiculous is that house being built in our neighborhood. They are putting in the pool now…and it’s, literally, not even 50 yards from the community pool..
IMG_0059 So, in our house….staying at home like “they” suggest for 3-5 days just isn’t an option even if the rainy weather tries to keep us in. It’s just not.

First, in order for this kid to nap/sleep I have to WEAR HIM OUT. I don’t mean just play with him, I mean we have to walk a mile in the a.m. then go to pool/park for 90 minutes and then IF we are lucky, get a nap out of him.

We don’t watch a lot of TV so doing that whole “just sit him in front of the TV on the potty” trick wasn’t really gonna happen….quite yet, that is.

See, every Sunday of our lives (nah, just feels that way), Kirk has a baseball game and I REFUSE to miss it. Sometimes I hate going to the games. Yesterday’s was MISERABLY hot and there was no shade, but I refuse to miss them. First, it helps Reeve burn off some energy to run in those fields, but also I believe with my whole heart something big is happening in the mind of our kid every Sunday when he sees Daddy pitching. Though he’s not the least bit interested in the game, I KNOW one day he’s going to attribute his leadership skills to these games. We will see….

So, for us, Potty Training looks a little like this. We are taking it back to the Basic….the NATURE PEE and POOP.

He calls these Tackle Dummies “Surge” and loves to hit and kick them…and once even pooped while leaning against them. Don’t worry, I cleaned it up..

IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0064 IMG_0066

We also have been doing Underwear on our morning 1-mile walk and stopping every 10 minutes or so to just pee on the side of the sidewalk.

I feel pretty mixed about this. We live in a REALLY nice neighborhood and I’m always worried someone is going to be snooty about a toddler peeing on the trails. But, typically, I’m encountered with people laughing and smiling. One older gentleman even told me “that’s how it OUGHT to be done…back to the basics with these kids…I learned to pee outside” and I felt pretty happy with it. You just never know….

Whenever we are at home, we are ALWAYS in our underwear. The only accidents he’s had at home have been under Daddy’s watch. I don’t think Kirk is asking him every 10 minutes if he has to go potty…ahem…

IMG_9927*notice who is sleeping in the background while I sit on the floor coaxing The Kid to peeIMG_0255IMG_0258IMG_0262He’s totally gonna kill me over these someday. Remember, this blog exists so that he can look back on his life in 30 years and not so you can complain about the content or pictures I post. Don’t like? Don’t read…

IMG_0262I am happy to report that he actually told me at yesterday’s baseball game he had to poop (twice) and went on the ground. I know, G-R-O-S-S, but I don’t even want to go in the PortaPotty, why would he?

He has gone 2 days without a pee accident and even told me he had to get out of the pool today b/c his “belly is sore” and pooped.

It’s slow….and there will be accidents, but we all make accidents. I don’t mind cleaning up pee or poop if he were to have one in the house (he hasn’t) b/c it can’t be worse than some of Hannah’s messes I’ve had to clean up.

He still wakes up in a soaking wet diaper, but I’m thinking we will have this down in the next month or so.

Ps….don’t even THINK about putting him in anything other than the Superhero underwear unless you want to get your ass chewed out.



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